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TNT Freeride Production Pipe Ver2


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TNT Freeride Production Pipe Ver2


TNT Freeride Production Pipe Ver2

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TNT Freeride Production Pipe v2  

Exhaust Manifold, Chamber, and Waterbox

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The Freeride Production Pipe from Tim Tynan at TNT has the same type of low end grunt as an RRP, but revs as hard or harder than the Power Factor. Giving you the best of both in one pipe. It is also very sensitive to temperature, allowing you to really tune it to your needs. Keep it cold and it rips off the bottom. Let it get hot and it will rev 77-7800 rpm. This pipe will work really well with a variety of engine/pump packages.

Peak rpm cold 6950, hot 7800

  The TNT Freeride Water box is the best flowing and quietest muffler on the market, not to mention the only water box for free ride that pays attention to water loading.

  With other Open Baffle water box designs performance is inconsistent. Dependent on whether the tail is below or above the water. Having the exhaust plugged by water causes a rich condition, and when the boat is above the water line a lean condition occurs. So you end up having to constantly do hard blips on the throttle to unload the water for a stable jetting. But not with the TNT Freeride Water Box.

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V2 free ride pipe development. 

TNT spent 2yrs developing this pipe and quickly learned a free style pipe needs to be a wet pipe. After doing a drop test with a wet pipe we learned that a dry pipe will hydro the inner pipe and break it. Building a 5ft swinging arm and making a rubber cradle to land into so it didn't dent the pipe in one spot, we filled the pipe with water and dropped it. Not one pipe made 5 drops without breaking the inner chamber. 

The wet pipe half full off water was 9lbs more and after 100 drops we just stopped. We learned what we needed to know. A dry pipe cannot take the hard flat landings of free ride without breaking. So we had to design a wet pipe to give the same or better performance as a dry pipe. Well, we did it. So now there is a tunable wet pipe that makes as much power as any dry pipe on the market, is almost 20 LBS lighter than a dry pipe with water in jacket, and 4.8 lbs lighter dry.