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964cc Stock Stroke  /  1035cc +5mm  /  1105cc +10mm


The True Performance Engineering motor is an 11 port cast aluminum cylinder with Nikasil plating to reduce friction, extend cylinder life, prevent corrosion, and provides superior protection against water intrusion. Cylinders are precision cast, pre-ported, and due to the unique properties of cast aluminum cylinders, have the most efficient port flow possible with port shapes not possible with billet motors.  Much of the immediate snap of these motors is due to the technological innovations in our Curved Power Valve technology, allowing the exhaust port to maintain it's shape throughout the valve travel more effectively sealing the cylinder and improving gas flow. The engines feature a 95mm bore designed for Yamaha 62T cases with light-weight Wiseco pistons specifically designed for the TPE motor. Short block assemblies and kits include OEM Yamaha cases ported to our exacting standards of quality and performance. Assembled engines are 4-8 lbs. lighter than our competitors and illustrate a departure from many trends in the industry by focusing on performance before aesthetics.

Tested and proven tuning packages available encompassing carburetor specifications, ignition programming, water flow regulation, pump design, and everything in between. Each motor has it's own ready run tuning package allowing you to spend more time on your boat rather than in it.

Compound Power Valve Edge. 

More efficient, responsive Power Valve action with tuned bellows system. Creates unparalleled bottom end snap.


Aluminum Billet Head. (optional)

Regulated water flow. O-ring seal for easy and reliable maintenance. Optional Anodizing. (we suggest BLK!)


PHP Lightweight +10mm Crankshaft

Four Pounds lighter than competitive +10mm crankshafts. Powerhouse Performance quality paired with cage-less needle bearings to bring the TPE1105 to new heights. 

Wiseco custom forged pistons, 95mm.

Balanced and dressed pairs with cage-less needle bearings. Ultra light and Wiseco strong to ensure maximum low-end response.

O-Ring Power Valve Seal.

Allows for superior sealing and simple maintenance without damage to the sealing surfaces.